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Our projects are unique and tailored to our customers

At the outset, we spend a lot of time perfecting our floor plans, especially when existing buildings are concerned. Since these building were not made for you from the outset, it takes much more to balance what exists with what is required. Especially when good design was not a factor in the original structure.

Balance, smooth flow and optimal use of space are our strongest talents and we will work those plans until they fulfill our clients’ every accommodation need. We are not finished until we cover all bases and then we work on its harmony with the surroundings or environment as the project dictates. In fact, a lot of work begins from the outside go in, then it’s worked on the inside back out again until everything syncs.

We make sure that we get all our information correct. We’ve been so successful at this that few clients want to see additional options. However, we explore all alternatives with you. The end product is a collaboration between client and architect when it comes to ‘what’s in it’ and we make sure you get the best of what you need for the budget you’re working with.

We provide a full set of plans from preliminary design to construction drawings for tender. We also offer consultancy services for improvements of plans you may have purchased but need to redesign or improve to suit your unique placement on the land or simply if you want to improve or change some details.

The best way you’re going to get a real feel for your building is if you see it as a hand-made model on the sloping or flat land that it will be constructed upon. If you need a 3D rendering, we work with SketchUp Make and we can give you that for a small extra fee.

Full 3D work is outsourced. This is because it is time consuming and therefore expensive for most of our client’s pockets. Not every client needs this or can afford to pay for these services. However, our principal architect and artists will create renderings that will bring that idea to you to ensure that you’re satisfied with our product.

Just speak to us about your personal needs and we will try to make you as happy as possible so that our end product never disappoints you in the final analysis.

Maybe you’ve found a building or space at a really good deal and you’d like to restore it. We have experience with this type of work. You’ll need to prepare for a perhaps longer period of construction and likely but not always, a good buffer for unexpected costs that the renovation and restoration of older homes and structures can carry. Allow for at least 20% to 25% of your budget to cover for such expenses.

Be certain what you can afford to spend on the entire construction. Take away at least 20% of that for cost overruns and you’ll know what you can afford for the remaining 80%.

We work with our clients to refresh their corporate image or to just create a new one where none existed before.

Our own design for our own past corporate image won a graphic design award. We will:

  • Build a website for you
  • Design your letterheads, calling cards and envelopes
  • Create your logos
  • Even do your online marketing

Speak to us about your company image today and if you can’t afford the huge expenses of having to hire an advertising agency, our solutions are very cost effective. A little investment will go a long way for you and won’t put you out of pocket.


We take our time to perfect every design. We know that everything isn’t perfect but if we can get it to as near perfect for you as we can get, we will achieve this hands down. In Space Planning, we are experts at maximizing your space for the best return on your investment and money.


We spend hours setting up your project and hours doing any additional research we need to do to ensure the success of every project. We don’t believe that we know everything so we  make sure we are on the right path where your individual needs are concerned. We need to become almost as expert as you in your field to understand how we need to approach every project to maximize the best results.


At Artemeta, we do not rush our clients’ work. We take the time to think wisely especially since everything depends on client costs. We believe in the saving value of careful thought and wise planning to effect a successful project.